Who we are

CIBS Hygiene can deliver all your Washroom and Waste Management services under one umbrella.

We will consult with you to specify the most cost effective solution for your needs, including what products you should get on rental and which makes sense for you to buy outright.


What we can do for you

CIBS Hygiene has 3 complimentary offerings:

  • Washroom Services to supply your organisation with equipment and refills through a rental service agreement, i.e. no upfront costs and a fixed, low monthly fee
  • Waste Management Services for the collection and safe disposal of whatever waste streams your organisation produces. When you request it, we can handle clinical, general, confidential or recycling waste
  • Washroom Supplies for the online outright purchase of equipment and refills for those situations where it makes the best economic sense for you

Who do we serve

CIBS Hygiene provides Washroom and Waste Management services to a range of organisations, with a particular focus on Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure and Workplace, where Workplace covers Office, Distribution and Manufacturing sites. We also work as Subcontractors to Managing Agents, Facilities Management and Cleaning Companies.


What is special about us

We put you, our Customer, at the heart of our operations. This means we set-up your service professionally and then look after your needs on an ongoing basis including pro-actively looking for ways to save costs and improve quality of service.

Washroom and Waste are essential services that are only noticed when things go wrong. We take the headache of looking after this away from you, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

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Waste Management Services
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