Who we work with

UK wide expert partners for Sanitary Bins, Washroom Services, Clinical Waste and Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies to market sectors:


Education  |  Healthcare  |  Hospitality  |  Leisure  |  Workplace  |  Subcontract


Why work with us


High standards of washroom and sanitary hygiene are vital for staff and customer well being.


UK wide Hygiene Services provider with the flexibility and experience to meet all your needs.


Help with effective segregation of clinical waste to reduce your cost and keep you on the right side of the law.


Industry-leading products & services with a guarantee your premises be safe, clean & compliant with UK law.


We value your trust and the security of your people & premises matter to us.


What we can do for you


Using our specialist expertise and knowledge we deliver value for money Hygiene Packages under one umbrella.  Advising you what products make sense to have on service and what to buy outright so you get the most from your budget.


Service options include:

  • Supply of Sanitary Bins and collection & safe disposal of sanitary waste
  • Select from a full range of Washroom Services such as air fresheners, air purifiers, soap dispensers, hand sanitiser, toilet seat sanitisers, hand dryers, sanitary vending machines, urinal sanitisers and water management systems
  • Clinical Waste and Medical Waste collection, including nappy and incontinence waste, and safe disposal of whatever clinical waste streams your organisation produces
  • Supplies Shop online for all your cleaning and hygiene products like paper towels, toilet rolls, soap dispensers, cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies available at trade discount prices

We guide you through the myriad of UK legislation including Sanitary Waste Law, Workplace Regulations, Duty of Care Act, Medical Waste and Clinical Waste Law.


You will receive Annual Waste Transfer Notes for all non hazardous waste collections of offensive waste from sanitary bins, nappy bins and incontinence bins, and Consignment Notes for each collection of hazardous waste.


How we manage our relationship with you


Washroom Hygiene and Clinical Waste are essential services that are only noticed when things go wrong.


We takes this headache away so your energy can be focused on your core business.


We understand being reliable and delivering on our promises is the most important thing we can do for you.


Clear lines of communication, fast response and 48hr call out service are our customer after sales experience.


Dedicated Relationship Manager to deal with your queries and pro-actively look for ways to save you money.


That’s what matters. Building trust and developing long term relationships.


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